regret of the day:
just before i sleep i’d like to say that i missed out on an opportunity to say shit like
"we could be explosive, then i’d be your michael bae"
"it looks like i’m on baewatch"


I’m going to buy House Of Leaves.
Ill liveblog that I guess o_o

Before the season ends I’m definitely getting to 10 and under.

LOL i made a holy zoo deck and i’ve stomped the past 5 games :D
I call it “THE HOLY ZOO” in caps

Until I get a second Blood Knight my deck structure is pretty unwise.

giants are a top laugh

all these nerds doing zoolock

my id, add me for hearthstone i guess


kevin: how do you play so much games and still manage to finish assignments and do well in shit? i swear i only ever see you gaming
me: efficiency
me: the time i do spend learning i do it well
kevin: kk, whatever

Anonymous asked:

You are my bae

If you said this verbally I would have inquired as to whether or not you were a ship and for what reason you were docking at me (geddit, ‘cause bay).  If that were the case I’d laugh because I’d inadvertently made a sexual innuendo.

But how can I be your bae? I don’t understand anon. Apparently bae means before anyone else, then why is it that I receive such a privilege, to be held in such esteem?

Can I be a pirate? Then I can be The Pirate Bae.
If I am a pirate, that means I have booty, you know what that means anon

ok enough jokes i’m done
I’m honestly confused

LOL I just stepped on this guy

If I get Faerie Dragon + the coin I always win

Deck Update!
My rank 14 deck.
Still not perfect, need a second blood knight and perhaps get rid of blessing of kings. Needs further refinement.

from LE-ON to LE-OFF :D

mysterydruids replied to your post: ROFL, it looks like “LEL” is written u…


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